Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Now I am a little concerned with todays revelations (WaPo and NYT) that the NSA was apparently spying on everyone before Bush told them to. The reason this bothers me is that W probably unofficially told them to prior to officially telling them to. At some point, someone with half a wit in the NSA probably said to themselves,"hmmmm, maybe I should get this felony in writing, before we all end up in federalpoundyouintheassprison?" Which was kind of smart. If that is what happened. The downside is that the WhiteHouse might just say that it was all the NSA's idea all along. And that a "few bad apples" went to far in surveilance.You know, how many Generals got frog-marched over that Abu Ghrahib place (where-we-don't-torture)?
one bad apple


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