Thursday, December 29, 2005

where the money goes

Ok, I've been chompin' at the bit for this Abramoff scandal to bear some REAL fruit. So far it's been nothing but appetizers. If you are not familiar with this scandal take a look at this helpful graphic. This ought to make a good movie one day. NO, I said a good movie. There, that's better. But honestly I've been thinking about a more appropriate political thriller. I mean those two words seldom bear fruit when combined. But to borrow from All The President's Men, and apparently Mark Felt, "follow the money." And follow me on this...don't be distracted by the Gotti family connections to Adam Kidan's henchmen that killed Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis. STOP, I told you not to be distracted.~ahem... What about Congressional Black Caucus Democrats James Cyburn (D-S.C) and Bennie Thompson (D-Miss)? Is it not strange to find two such fellows getting some graft from the Abramoff lobbying money machine? I mean, is it racist of me to find it a bit odd that they also got trips paid for by Abramoff and also happen to be members of the Wal-Mart 22? Who are they, you wonder? The 22 Democrats that supported letting Wal-Mart know in advance when the Department of Labor is going to investigate them. You know, so they can hide all the evidence. Alternet repeats it twice so, I'll just copy them here:
That point bears repeating -- the federal government, the people who are supposed to protect citizens from corporate abuse, essentially said to perhaps the most notorious corporate law breaker in recent years, "when we come looking for wrongdoing in your company, we're going to tell you ahead of time."

Anyway, back to Clyburn and Thompson... Clyburn claimed to not know Abramoff. How do you go on a free trip to the South Pacific and not know who friggin' paid for it? C'mon that sounds like the kind of crap we hear from Bush. I could not find anywhere that had Thompson commenting on it. My real question is; Is there a connection between Wal-Mart AND Abramoff AND Clyburn AND Thompson? I mean if there WAS, then it is up to us (democrats) to do something about it. And maybe out of the wreckage we could drag down Tom DeLay and his cronies even quicker. It does look like DeLay's trial won't delay. Unfortunately it looks like it is going to speed forward without all the facts. The Whitehouse is noted to be "pissed at [Bill] Frist" and wants their "hammer" back. The Democrats seem to be content with just the negative cache of Abramoffukkah.


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