Thursday, December 29, 2005

creepy 'other' visitors to the sticky blog

heh. So I started using Google Analytics to sort of track people who come to this site. And lets face it, most of them are ME. It's no big whoop. I mean I just regurgitate what someone else has already said before. It's not like I have a Lexis/Nexis subscription. Anywho. Recently I've been getting some visitors that are not classifiable geographically or by network connections. Either they are astute h4ckz00rz or government spooks. And let's face it, astute h4c|<3rz could find better information than the Sticky Blog. So that leaves the other group. Which brings me to this gMail I got from one of my pals. Let's call him 'BrutZilla.' (I left in all the misspellinz to make it more ginUWhine)
( 12/28/05, BrutZilla wrote:
don't go the nsa website looking or else...

To which I responded:
I got this box set up to ask me whenever someone wants to add a cookie. PLus why go to the NSA they are morons. If they couldn't prevent 9/11 from happeneing despite repeated warnings I think I could probably get away with any level of debauchery. Retards! I got the CIA FactBook site a lot. It's pretty informative. Although my homies in foreign countries say that some of their info isn't very current. How ironic would it be if while spying on patriotic americans like myself they missed the chance to stop the REAL terrorists? Not very. In fact I'd say it was pretty plausible. Arsehats. Heh, look at the gmail ads associated with this email. OMG, Google is reading my mail!. :O
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ok, really it is probably no big deal for anyone to hide their locale/network/ISP from Google Analytics. I just thought that was funny.


At 3:51 PM, Blogger sappho said...

Great response! Loved it, and it's so true. Im sure we are being watched as I type..but how lame can they be? Go catch a REAL terrorist!


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