Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Abramoffokkuh Update

"Words will not ever be able to express my sorrow and my profound regret for all my actions and mistakes," Abramoff said, addressing the judge. "I hope I can merit forgiveness from the Almighty and those I've wronged or caused to suffer." Source AP

Oh I don't think this motherf^cker would live long enough to repent. He'd have to live 1000 years.


At 6:12 PM, Blogger windspike said...

Let's hope he sings like a canary and brings down the whole lot of them bastards.

P.S. thanks for popping over and commenting at my location.

At 7:29 PM, Blogger Catnapping said...

I keep worrying that it's all some set-up...that selected democrats have been framed...and Abramoff is going to lie, and claim it is they who took bribes, rather than the pieces of shit in the GOP.

Yeah. I's far-fetched...and paranoid.

But whooda thunk Bush could have gotten this far in his quest to build the 4th reich?


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