Friday, August 05, 2005

Scurry Roach, Scurry!!!

By now everyone has seen the retreat by Robert Novak on Inside Politics. CNN has "suspended" Novak. Doubtless they'll hire his vertebrally challenged potty-mouth on Föx News now. Oh wait, he actually served in the Military (1952-54 Korea)...that might shake up the chicken-hawk henhouse over there...

It is laughable that he thinks his integrity is being besmirched. I mean you DO have to HAVE something before you can have it degraded in some way. Imaginary integrity does not count. Well if he gets hired back I think they all owe an apology to Janet Jackson's nipple.

What bother's me is that Novak is now acting incredulous about the intent of Ed Henry to ask him about the Plame incident. I mean, WTF else would anyone ask him about? Doesn't he work in the NEWS business or something? Well, ok, "CROSSFIRE" is stretching the meaning of "news."

I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation...maybe John McLaughlin and he were fondled by the same priest?

Man, I do love not being a "real" newsman. Otherwise I'd get in trouble for making unfounded accusations, and the occasional #$^!&expletive!#$%&*!!!


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