Monday, July 25, 2005

more on the sad shooting of the wrong suspect in london

Apparently he was illegally working in the UK and probably ran from the unmarked police officers fearing being nabbed for immigration violations. I am just guessing here. It's really sad when something like the tube bombings occur. Everyone is in a heightened state of frenzy. Police stop a man in a transit area and they have reason to believe he's a bomber. I can sort of see why they would shoot him 5 times at close range if they suspected he was going to blow himself up. Wow, that's just really unfortunate. This is one of the victories of the terrorists. They make us suspect all of our neighbors. They get us fighting with ourselves. Obviously one of there goals is to get things like the attacks that occurred against middle eastern looking people in the US after the World Trade Ctr/Pentagon attacks. The way they figure it, this makes us look more racist, hateful and xenophobic. Plus it scares the crap out of people who might be Sikh, or Indian, or Arabic or whatever.

These people have already shown they like this country enough to live here. It's kind of bin Laden's way of punishing them for not living out some imaginary good-old-days in their native or ancestral lands. It reminds me of how a lot of Americans pretend there was a golden age of America before life became so 'complicated.' There never was a 'Happy Days' or 'Andy Griffith' America. If your life resembled that it is because you just weren't paying attention to what was really going on.


At 7:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Put Xric!

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Eric2 said...

holy mole` a comment. I AM FAMOUS!


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