Thursday, July 14, 2005

5th Suspect Alive?
Slate reports that:
Relying on an "American official," the New York Times says police have ID'd a possible "ringleader" in the London bombings. this the same that said there were WMD in Iraq?..Yellow Cake Uranium in the break room?...that we didn't need to worry about people flying planes into buildings? Inquiring minds want to know. Also:
The reportedly non-Anglo, non-Pakistani British citizen was caught on video with the four attackers as they boarded a commuter train to London. Newsday has a similar report: "They know who No. 5 is," a "U.S. official" told the paper. But Newsday cautions, "British authorities do not believe he was the mastermind of the plot."

Excuse me jack-asses. After the Downing Street Memo, nobody believes you (UK or US) are able to tell the truth. I'd rather trust my bartender for reliable "intelligence." At least that cat doesn't say, "nukular."

This just off the RSS reader is reporting the bombmaker might have been an NC State Student.
Damn us and our wonderful University system in North Carolina.


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