Wednesday, August 03, 2005

All Natural?

It is funny isn't it? You know that some phrases become codewords for others. Like the green smokescreen a lot of companies give their products. "Dolphin Safe" or "Organic." Then you undoubtably find out that while a product is 'Dolphin Safe' it really is a moot point as it is a claim made about a vacuum cleaner...or you remember that the plague was also 'organic.'
That's kind of like how the govenrment, our government described the death of Major General Abed Hamed Mowhoush. It was ruled to be 'natural causes.' Natural in that after you bind someone with an electric chord and severely beat them with fists, clubs, and a rubber hose and then asphyxiate them in a sleeping bag; they might sluff off this mortal coil.
US military officials issue a statement saying that a prisoner has died of natural causes during questioning.

The Denver Post did a story on this and then strangely his cause of death miraculously changed somewhat...
Mowhoush died from asphyxia after being suffocated and sat upon by his interrogators. It also reveals that approximately 24 to 48 hours before his death, he was questioned by “other governmental agency officials.” Statements suggest that he was beaten during that interrogation (Source: Human Rights Watch/Denver Post 5/19/04)

Which when I was actually looking for the Denver Post article I found this quote from one of the 'little fish' imprisoned over this 'infraction.'
"I am not a murderer. I did not torture anyone," Colorado Springs attorney Frank Spinner read from a statement by Chief Warrant Officer Lewis Welshofer. "I used what I believed were approved techniques."

Well I'll leave that to the courts to decide whether Welshofer is a murderer or a manslaughterer? While I do feel there needs to be accountability for this kind of lapse in the conventions of how was is faught and prisoners are treated...I don't particularly feel that the truly responsible parties are all lowly Warrant Officers, Sergeants, Corporals, or Privates.


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