Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Blots a Charlotte, NC based indie-rock band are ISO a new drummer.

We are about to take a brief hiatus as Henry's wife is about to have a baby in the coming month. However, we would like to get started auditioning new drummers to practice, gig (in the fall) and record if all goes well.

The Band: basically guitar/guitar/bass/drums with singing trading off between whoever has written the song. So, so far three singer/songwriters. We're open to the fourth memeber writing and singing if the tune works and you can play drums doing it. Click on The Blots link to get a sample of our songs and influences.

Requirements: Must be a drummer... although enthusiasm and ability to work with the band and make scheduled appearances trumps experience. We all have families and ft jobs. Currently we'd like to play a show a month in town and possibly travel in the Southeast for other gigs. We even have a drum kit set up in the practice/recording space. Just comment on this blog or on The Blots myspace site if you are interested.



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