Monday, February 28, 2005

ok, this weekend in rock wasn't

a/k/a: the oscar free film zone

Vocational irregularities prevented Charlotte's premier doombilly band from getting together this weekend. However, I did meet with Jimmy and Eric Cook to re-record "Billy Pilgrim Again" and a new song called "Boudicia." So once again TYSM gets 100% of expected goals met. The Blots score a ZED again. I felt like crap the next day as my sinuses have been giving me fits. One of my tear-ducts seems jammed with flotsam as well. I spent sunday in a 20' radius of the futon. In the post-cable era I find myself in, I luckily had procured three flicks from the library. It must've been 'foreign film weekend' or some such...

Federico Fellini's Roma
I still don't know what this was about (aside from the geographic 'place' reference). But it was very enjoyable. "A virtually plotless,
gaudy, impressionistic portrait of Rome through the eyes of one of its
most famous citizens.
" -Yep that's about it. I must get some more Federico Fellini films... (duh)
Plein Soleil
This is the movie that was wholeheartedly remade into "The Talented Mr Ripley"
years later. I never saw "Mr Ripley" but I can only guess it was just some
hollywood dogs eating some french vomit. 'Purple Noon' was engaging and
extremely well shot. The VHS tape was marked as "Martin Scorcese presents..."
which I am still not sure what that means? I am guessing since I didn't
see his name in any of the credits that he shelled out some $ to get this
released in America. Oh yeah, he paid for the reprint. Fair enough. Thanks
This is the story of a rise of a group of capitalists in Gorby's Russia. There are numerous container comparisons to 'Scarface' and 'Godfather' but I
don't see it. It wasn't a bad flick. This seems to be more of a dramatized
version of the Mikhail
story. The only difference being that then ending appears
to be coming out completely hollywoodized and well, not with the Yukos
head rotting in prison.

Friday night I also watched Singin' In The Rain with my child. If your kid loves singing/dancing movies this is really a treat for them. Plus it's a movie about a movie about a movie.

>You can explain to your child such unthinkables as, "Movies used
to be silent. The also used to be in black and white.

As predicted, no amount of nudity could get me to watch much more than a few
moments of Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman. Undoubtedly the biggest achievment for this 'film' will
have been giving name to Eric/Jimmy's band: thank
you, spaceman

I did watch all of The Clash:
Westway to the World
. This is a really good documentary on the Clash. The only shortcoming would have to be the insipid tendency for Letts & co. to cut away from some really great live footage of the band to intersperse the commentary of the principal players. Especially in this age of DVDs,the extras section would have been a great place to let at least SOME of those live tracks play all the way through.


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