Monday, February 14, 2005

No Grammy For Me Again!
Gah durn it. What do I have to do? Get played on the radio or something?! Anyway, in other rock-n-roll news I did the replacement recording of thank you, space man this weekend. Finally mother nature gave us a reprieve. Actually the weather was quite agreeable. We set up the drums (Jimmy Van Poplin custom made these knockers) and the big hoss amp (Fender Bassman 70 head / Fender 1- 15" cab) in my finished basement room..errr studio. For the soundcheck they actually recorded the first two songs. We got the next day. By 3pm Jimmy was back on the road for Eastern, TN. So to say it went quickly, would be somewhat of an understatement. I recorded Eric Cook & Jimmy all live. 5 tracks of mic'd drums, two tracks of guitar, one vox. A special Tally Ho thanks goes out to audio wiz Scott Thompson for the loan of the 3 CAD drum mics, and the Sennheiser I used for one of the drum overheads. I got the Bassman amp down with a SM57 pointed slightly off axis on the big 15. As Eric Cook said, "John Holmes would say, 'That's one more'." The Bassman also has a direct recording out so I got that as well to ensure a guitar track with no drum bleed. I also bought a Blue Ball.

We used this for vocals. And I wish I would have A/B tested it against the AT30305 condenser I (ultimately) used for the other drum overhead. But initial reaction from the vocalist was positive. I'm gonna try and get this all prelim mixed for Eric to take a listen to at the next Blots practice Wednesday (re-scheduled from Sunday eve).
So look for me next grammy cycle. I'm sure to not get over looked next year, what with the Producer/Engineer AND Artist categories now. Heh.


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