Friday, February 11, 2005

here we go again

Charlotte Observer | 02/11/2005 | Lawyer challenges assignment plan: "Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board members will hold an emergency meeting this morning after one of the nation's top civil rights attorneys challenged the constitutionality of the district's student assignment plan."

You know, it's got to be a FUNNY thing. I HAS to be. I mean, isn't this the student assignment plan that Eric Becoats got in trouble for selling to other school districts whilst on the clock for CMS? You know, the one wherein after catching him doing it, they basically gave him a paid vacation as punishment. Oh wait no. he resigned. He now manages "non-profit entities" for University Park Baptist Church's Economic Development efforts. It figures, you know...such a rampant capitalist like Becoats...he couldn't even get a job in the private sector. I guess when it comes down to more than selling assets that don't belong to him he's out of tricks. Still it makes you wonder? When you Google Jim Pughlsley, you come up with this quote by (School Board chairperson) "Coach" Joe White:
Pughsley could easily leave, and receive far more money than his current CMS salary.

Yeah, like he could be another officious waste of money in another municipality. I for one am up to giving him that opportunity as soon as possible.


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