Friday, January 28, 2005

eskimo kiss records -- lookwell, citified...Greensboro's Finest!. I received the two CDs from Kim yesterday. I am really enjoying the Lookwell EP (Unhurried) as well as Citified's eponymous mini-record. The Citified clocks in at just over 18 minutes. Which is not odd for a short-play rekkid. But it's 9 songs! I have a fondness for short songs. The two disks are related in that Unhurried was the last Lookwell disk. Last as in final. However, out of the ashes, (as they say) Chris Jackson (vocals/guitar) has formed Citified. Jackson has an airy quality about both his vocals and guitar work. The work was recorded by Jerry Kee's Duck-Kee studio (Superchunk, Mendoza Line, $2 Pistols...etc). I only got to see Lookwell, once in September of 2002. I hope I get a shot at Citified, and that I don't have to travel across the state to do it.


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