Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Amber Alert Update. Sad. Parents were running a meth lab.
The sheriff's office has been looking for Canter since March 6, when authorities raided the couple's home in a remote northern corner of Watauga County and discovered a methamphetamine lab.

Chambers was charged with manufacturing meth and maintaining a dwelling for the manufacture of meth. Deputies took out warrants for the same crimes against Canter, who wasn't at the home.

But the warrants remain unserved, and the cases against both are still pending. Chambers bonded out of jail about two months after her arrest, Shook said. As far as authorities know, the couple has been shuffling from place to place ever since, with Canter managing to elude the law.

After the raid, the Watauga County Department of Social Services took custody of the children, Shook said.

Let's hope this doesn't turn into another Eric Rudolph thing with them evading the Po-lice for 5 years. Mainly because the kids welfare. I'm not usually down on non-violent drug offenders. But the meth heads are really effin' up things. Basically any motel you have ever stayed in has been used as a lab. This means, I could be traveling with my kid, staying in a motel... and they can blow up the room right next to mine and burn us all up. Or damage everyone in the place with the harmful materials they eff around with. I mean think about it, these are probably not people that majored in chemistry at MIT.


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