Friday, February 25, 2005

Hope you all have a groovy weekend

Things are coming along on the Blots frontier. We have eight (or 9) songs. I have one to spring on them tomorrow's practice. And Eric Cook has one he's downgraded from thank you, spaceman. Heh. There's a lot of incest going on with the former Frocky Jack, the new band [the blots], and Eric Cook's sideproj (tysm). Anyway, this week has sucked at work. I'm looking forward to getting my rock on tomorrow morning.
Worldwide, as you know things are still fuckedupbeyondallrecognition. I mean with the ratarses at Gator (a spyware company) being assigned to the Homeland Security Privacy council, Dildos being outlawed in OK (Steers and queers I tell ya!)...but 10am tomorrow the only thing I got to do is keep from going deaf. Doombilly has no internet at home anymore. So enjoy the silence.


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