Thursday, December 15, 2005

brokeback before brokeback was cool

This story in You Can't Make It Up reminded me of this band I saw an ad for in a zine of my youth. Cooper City RepresentZ!
***A collection of all the recorded output from fun-loving, mid-’80s Florida punks GAY COWBOYS IN BONDAGE (featuring two members of the legendary band F). Thirty-four tracks of goofball punkin’, including the songs from the band’s We’re Not Gay But The Music Is demo (1983), their Owen Marshmallow Strikes Again 7-inch (1984), and twelve songs recorded live at Flynn’s (1984). Packaged with a twenty-four-page booklet with photos, show flyers, lyrics, liner notes, old reviews, and more.
Oh how I wish I couyld find that image of the cowpoke (snicker) tied to the cactus....


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