Thursday, December 08, 2005

woo, lookit me reporting news

I mean, like I googled it and no one else has this story.
Oh, the story...
My good friend Chris (see unlike those arseholes at the NYT and WaPo I give people's names, not "an anonymous source") anyway, Chris said that yesterday the NC BOE disqualified Sequoia from bidding to get the contract to make all of the voting machines in the state. Too bad for Chris. He had to sit through the 3+ hour presentation by Sequoia to find out later they'd been disqualified.
The reason, he didn't know. Maybe they refused to hand the election to any republican candidate like the other two. The other two vendors are run by brothers (Diebold, ESS) and one of them pledged to screw the election in favor of the republicans. So maybe that is where Sequoia messed up. Maybe they were going to put screwing the election up for bids. That'd be damned near democratic. Heh. We are so f%cked.
Oh and the EFF is suing the state of North Caroline BOE. In your face CNN!


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