Friday, October 28, 2005

live bloggin' the scooter lynchin'

The Presser. DISCLAIMER. This is "live" like GW Bush was "elected" in 2000.

now with chronology

  • 2:55pm. Libby first lied to the FBI and Ashcroft. Then Ashcroft recused himself. Then his lie became, "I Forgot." Brilliant!

  • 2:53pm. Wilson's are going to issue a statement at 3pm.

  • 2:51pm. Republicans are reporting that Scooter is being indicted on "technicality". "Is" still not clearly defined.

  • 2:45pm. Al's taking another break. Might as well read the indictment. (CNN)

  • 2:43pm. Libby was the "first person to leak" according to Fitz. Are there other leakers? He's not going to comment. He's extremely careful.

  • 2:40pm. Fitzy sounds good. I wish I had C-Span. I sure am glad this guy never came after me for that horrible matress tag tearing episode

  • 2:39pm. Ari Fleischer (at least by title) could be in a heap o' trouble too.

  • 2:38pm. This sucks I need to find a better feed for the presser.

  • 2:34pm. They won't talk about anything that is not in the indictment. Fitzy isn't going to comment on TurdBlossom

  • 2:29pm. Larry King commercials on Air America really creep me out.

  • 2:28pm. Al Franken says, "Libby is a horrible liar." Derrr.

  • 2:22pm. Fitzy just got a laugh. And #$%^& Air America is taking a break. Duh, you didn't think I was actually IN DC live bloggon' did you?

  • 2:21pm. Fast Rewind to Fall 2003. Scooter is a dirty bird. A believable one at first.

  • 2:19pm. This is how we do an investigation. Apparently it is not 'just like CSI Miami'

  • 2:17pm. Valerie Wilson was a true super duper secret classified agent lady. Apparently while they'd given her a number, that did not take away her name.

  • *Patrick Fitzgerald's DOJ Explanation of the Indictment*
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