Monday, September 26, 2005

Slap the cuffs on Martha

They are coming apart. Maybe this was the plan all along? Maybe the MSM said to its' collective self,
Self, lets stop working so hard and just let the republicans talk so much nonesense that they believe no one is listening. Then they'll get so confused with their own lip service to not being pieces of crap and slip up..."

CNN has the goods apparently that Dr/Sen/Mr Bill Frist DID in fact know, and got regular updates about his HCA stock. However he must have pissed in someone's cornflakes over there. Because they found the tape in 2003 when he said it's in 'blind trust' and he had no idea what was going on with it. And that THAT would be illegal. You know what? Bill, you are right. It is.

Also the SEC chair has recused himself. Wow. Cox, who'd given $1k to Frist' campaign in the past, recused himself
" avoid any appearance of impropriety in the commission's consideration of this case..."
That's odd. Ethical problems never bothered them before. What gives?


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