Monday, September 26, 2005

Howard Dean and I are on the same page on SCOTUS

(from "[H]ow will we win any battle if we don't stand up for what we believe and speak the truth? More importantly, how will Americans know what to expect from a Democratic Congress and Democratic president if we don't fight for our values at every opportunity? Democrats can disagree with Democrats in good faith -- and many do on this issue. But when political calculations silence our conscience, we have abandoned our true values."

Feingold and Leahy can kiss my gnarley butt. I really don't care what their reasons are here. They are traitors. Pandering, worthless traitors.

UPDATE: This is what I just communicated to Rus and Pat.
Thanks for locking step with the right wing on the SCOTUS nomination of John Roberts. As someone who has a child that will have to suffer the consequences of this abysmal nominee I just hope whatever deal you made helps you sleep at night. I know he was a shoe-in for this nomination, but it makes it hard to remain a democrat when you fold up on issues like this. For shame.


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