Monday, August 15, 2005

I've got a life to live

...because I didn't go to vietnam, like those dumbasses McCain, Cleland, Kerry...hell even Al Gore was over there... Well that shit didn't get them in the White House. I was smart enough to have very wealthy and influential parents. My kung-fu is white hot. And by "kung-fu," I mean my pretend fighting skills. Kind of like my pretend service to the country's air national guard. I mean I had some fucking party. Is it my goddamned fault that Casey Sheehan's dad wasn't ever a skull-n-bones frat-rat like my pop? No, that's just the way the lord predestined it. Listen up liberals, Jesus is coming back for me and my klan. So we are gonna turn this mother earth inside-out and wring every drop of anything of worth out of it. Why save the world when Jesus already has a plan for me and my exclusive club of rich good-ole boys? Fuck the environment. Fuck peace. Don't you ever try to interrupt my bike ride again. Go to hell.
(ok, some of that above is a direct quote from the president. I paraphrased the rest.)
Today GW Bush had to ride a bike instead of meeting with Cindy Sheehan. Given his inability to eat pretzels without harming himself, here's hoping he goes dove hunting with his neighbor.


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