Friday, March 04, 2005

O'reilly pwned again

Some people just don't get it.

the company that syndicates O'Reilly's column, is trying to bully a weblog into removing links to an O'Reilly column, under the guise of copyright violation. (meta)

Bill O'Reilly still a big homophobic loser.
Dear Bill O'Reilly: You Don't Scare Us
Is Bill O'Reilly, "the pope of TV journalism" who "has caused the powerful in America to duck for cover," as FOX News describes him, afraid of seven average citizens with a website? How else to explain the vicious attempts of his syndicators to intimidate us into removing a perfectly legal link to one of his newspaper columns? (meta)

How I found this? RSSFEED--> BoingBoing / Stayfree / Newshounds


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