Thursday, December 16, 2004

Goddamn the sun.

Well I went to my dermatologist today. Now I'm not one to have a dermatologist. But I had this pea sized lump onthe back of my neck. It turned out to be benign. In fact it turned out to be beneficial. Because if I had not been worried about that thing I'd lived with for about 18 months, I probably would not have been there to go, "hey, while you are nipping off things, this popped up since I made this appointment..."
I had this little scale of skin under the right side of my chin. It was like an in-grown hair or some evil pimple that would not heal. The shaved that freak thing off of the back of my neck and sutchered it up. Then they took off that little scale and sent them both to the lab. Aparently my shirtless childhood in sunny south Florida has come back to bite me on throat. Also I learned that 80% of the skin damage you recieve in your life from the sun happens prior to age 18. So in the 60-70's when we didn't know any better I got lots of rads. In the 80's I didn't. In fact by the time I went to college in 1983 I was not likely to even try to tan. More importantly I spent way more time indoors. However the damage had been done.
So the "punched out" an 8mm chunk under my chin today. From the link (above in the title) I learned that in all likeliness I will get more of these. Oh joy. So mommies and daddies out there in blogland, be zealous in the application of sunscreen to your litluns. They need it NOW.

When, When We Were Young
We Had No History
So Nothing To Lose
Meant We Could Choose
Choose What We Wanted Then
Without Any Fear
Or Thought Of Revenge
But Then You Grew Old
And I Lost My Ambition
So I Gained An Addiction
To Drink And Depression
(They Are Mine
My Only True Friends
And I'll Keep Them With Me
Until The Very End)
I'd Choose Not To Remember
But I Miss Your Arrogance
And I Need Your Intelligence
And Your Hate For Authority
But Now You're Gone
I Read It Today
They Found You In Spain
Face Down In The Street
With A Bottle In Your Hand
And A Wild Smile On Your Face
And A Knife In Your Back
You Died In A Foreign Land
And They Found My Letter
Rolled Up In Your Pocket
Where I Said I'd Kill Myself
If She Left Me Again
So Now She's Gone
And You're Both In My Mind
I've Got One Thing To Say
Before I Am Drunk Again:
God Damn The Sun
God Damn The Sun
God Damn Anyone
That Says A Kind Word
God Damn The Sun
God Damn The Sun
God Damn The Light It Shines
And This World It Shows
God Damn The Sun
by the Swans


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