Sunday, December 05, 2004

CD Mixchange Tribe Volume XIII

1. Superchunk - Foolish. Of the many cool bands to come out of Chapel Hill, NC. These cats have been about the most prolific. Not only having one of the most energetic live shows, but also rockin' the DIY effort as their own label: Merge Records. Foolish is my favorite track off of 1994's The First Part EP. But Included the other two songs as they definitely merit a listening.
2. Tobin Sprout - E's Navy Blue. From the 1996 'Carnival Boy' album. Tobin Sprout is probably best known as the sidekick to Rob't Pollard in Guided By Voices. Another ex-Matador alumnae (like Superchunk). This album shows that he's just as competent a recordist,painter, photographer, and rock-n-roll front man.
3. Portishead - Elysium. For a song that begins with:
"No one has said what the truth should be"
and ends with,
"And why should you decide for me,"
you have to give them credit for putting forth a great message AND a great medium. This is off of their 2nd eponymus CD. I prefer 'Dummy.' But I think this fits in with the other tracks nicely.
4. The Wolfgang Press - Fire Eater. This is probably the first song ever I heard from TWP. One of the early eighties oddities from Ivo Watts-Russel's 4ad label. Produced by the Cocteau Twins' guitarista Robin Guthrie this is from 'The Legendary Wolfgang Press And Other Tall Stories' compilation of their early EPs. A must have.
5. D'arey October - Fighting the Moon. I can't tell you a whole lot about this band, named for their frontgirl. I caught them several years ago (when she was probably 16) playing in a Charlotte Auto Parts store that had recently converted to a rock club. Shortly after this show/tour they went back to Pennsylvania and broke up. They were great. I bought both of their disks that night.
6. Hugo Largo - Second Skin. This is the most normal song on the seminal Michael Stipe produced 'Drum' EP. Singer Mimi Goese seems to have a somewhat blessed/cursed luck with great production/label/etc... The first Hugo EP produced by REM's frontman. Stipe even sings a bit. In a time when they had just started (1988) playing to a global audience. Their next issue 1989's 'Mettle' went out on Brian Eno's short-lived 'Opal' records. Since Hugo Largo busted up Mimi has released 'Soak' on 'Luaka Bop,' -David Byrne's groovy global house of music.
7. Julee Cruise - The Swan. The enigmatic singer from many a David Lynch project. She is probably best known for the television soundtrack to 'Twin Peaks.' I'll always remember her voice from 'Industrial Symphony.' But that's probably because I didn't have a TV when 'Twin Peaks' was airing. This is from 1990's 'Floating Into The Night.'
8. Frazier Chorus - Storm. Showing 4ad's penchant for alternatively using instruments not found in the pop mainstream, FC rock out with the 1988 EP 'Dream Kitchen' later released on Virgin's 'Sue' album.
The clarinet and flute ne'er replaced guitar and bass so well again.
9. Marianne Faithful - Strange Weather. From one of her many retrospectives (Island Anthology). One of many covers (Kathleen Brennan/Tom Waits) issued in her lengthy career.
10. Superchunk - Connecticut. 2004 is the 15th anniversary of Merge Records. All hail MERGE!.
11. The Wolfgang Press - Mother Valentine. From their 'Queer' CD. "Life is a state of mind," is quoted at the onset of this song. It's from the truely wonderful Peter Sellers movie 'Being There.' [from the short book by Jerzy Kozinsky]. This album recorded with the assist of ex-Throwing Muses bassist Leslie Langston. The quote at the beginning reminds me of the quote in 'Filagree & Shadow' (This Mortal Coil), I forget which song..."Billy, we just had a baby" also from a film...[Montana Wildhack to Billy Pilgrim in Slaughterhouse Five (Vonnegut novel)]. I don't know why I shared that with you. Another thing I remember about TWP is that they re-use some audio from other songs (and so did Xymox). If you listen to them for long you'll hear some 'Burning Blue Soul' era Matt Johnson.
12. Robert Pollard - Release The Sun. 1996 release (Not In My Air Force) by omnipresent Guided By Voices frontman. Uncle Bob is the weed king. What can I say? I think I'll just quote Pollard from his 11/3/2004 Post Electorial 40 Watt Club appearance.
...all politicans are fuckheads...
13. The Germs - What We Do Is Secret. Every comp needs some seminal punk rock. This was Darby Crash's band. He died in typical punk fashion. Heroin overdose at the ripe old age of 22. Sometimes Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear was also part of this crew. I want to read: Lexicon Devil before I make any other comments.
14. Superchunk - The First Part. I caught these guys last about 1999. This song epitomizes their trademark sound. Recently Mac's other band Portastatic opened for GBV on the farewell tour show in Chapel Hill.
15. Mogwai - With Portfolio. Scottish space rockers. This is one of the REALLY wierd songs off of 1995's 'Young Team.' I saw Mogwai in Atlanta last fall. Definitely I'd say I enjoyed their album more than their live show. It was all right, just kind of too spacey for me. Not enough rock....
16. The Wolfgang Press - Christianity. From their 'Funky Little Demons' CD.
17. David Bowie - Sense of Doubt. Ambient Eno/Berlin period Bowie. This version is from the 'Christiane F' soundtrack.
18. The Rosebuds - Make Out Song. New Merge Records superstars. A guitar, synthesizer, drums trio that re-infuses the airwaves with jumpy rock diddies. One of the coolest bands to come out of Wilmywood/Raleigh,NC. I've been trying to get everyone into this band. Go see 'em!
19. Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros - Silver and Gold. Posthumous release by ex-Clash frontman Joe Strummer. This is probably the strongest of the three post-Clash releases by Strummer. Beset by legal vultures Joe was kept out of the musical realm for about 9 years. Just when he started contributing new material he died all too quickly of natural causes. RIP Joe.


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