Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Gimme Head(s), Lookwell/Citified, Mimi

First off. The Blots are not practicing this week. We are still trying to get some drums refitted. The old Tama Swingstar kit Joe Black left in my basement will have to do. We all agree we need new heads on the two toms/snare. The only problem is we have no real idea on how to change them. Kids, embrace the things you don't want to learn. Might as well do it of your own volition. It's less bad-tasting than when someone makes you do it.
Last night I mixed down the Lookwell performance at the Eskimo Kiss Extravaganza. Hey, it's only taken me 2 years. I'd done the Pacer show (Sunday) and sent that off to Kim Ware yesterday at lunch. Well unfortunately a lot of these recordings are now posthumous. As Mike McGinnis once put it, "that's what bands do, break up." The good news is that out of the ashes of Lookwell comes Citified. They just put out their debut CD. Pick it up.
As you may or may not be aware, I am never about getting NEW stuff. Recently I acquired Mimi[Goese]'s 1998 release on Luaka Bop, 'Soak.' This takes off where Hugo Largo left off. I think I want to have Ms Goese's (pronounced like 'Gacey') two-headed love-child.


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