Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Alford plea, just wrong in this case?

So you have Dr John Hall, someone who was licensed in the State of NC to practice dentistry. A position of some trust, one could argue. Except instead of filling your wife's teeth, he fills her mouth...with his sperm. And since he is white and not poor he gets to plead guilty without assuming any guilt.

When a defendant pleads guilty, a factual colloquy is usually required. The defendant states on the record facts that comprise the elements of the crime. Infrequently, however, the defendant may plead guilty yet not admit all the facts that comprise the crime. North Carolina v Alford, 40 US 25, 91 S Ct 160, 27 L Ed2d 162 (1970). ref

And what penalty does the unrepentent Dr Hall get? Not one day in jail. The Charlotte Observer reports Hall was found "guilty" of SEVEN counts of assault on a woman. PROBATION for 5 years? 3 Months of house arrest? 120 hours of community service? This is bullshit. I wonder how long before they let him practice dentistry again? I wonder if they even make him register as a sex offender? I mean, how do we know if this jackass isn't going to be doing his community service in a @#$^* daycare or something.


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