Wednesday, November 10, 2004

CVS gets on the stick

I just received this eMissive from CVS drugstores:

Dear Valued CVS Customer,
We appreciate the time that you have taken to express your thoughts on our company.
CVS pharmacists routinely dispense birth control medication every day. The situation at our Texas pharmacy was an isolated occurrence and the customer involved should have been provided with her medication. It is CVS policy that our pharmacists must ensure that our customers promptly receive all medications for which they have a lawfully written prescription.

Upon learning of the incident, we moved quickly to personally deliver the customer's medication to her free of charge, and we have apologized to her for this unfortunate situation. Additionally, we have taken steps to address this situation with the individual pharmacist.

Again, we appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to inform us of your concerns and have given us the opportunity to address them.


Diane M. Parent
Customer Relations
CVS Store Support Center



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