Monday, November 01, 2004

Be nice to the pollworkers

OK. Tonight I go set up 6 MicroVote machines at Pct 117 of Mecklenburg County. It'll probablly take me about an hour. Tomorrow I will be at the polls from 5:45am to WHEN-EVER the mf'ers close. Supposed to close at 7:30pm EST. However if at 7:30pm EST you are still in line you will get to vote. If you think waiting in line 4 hours to vote is inconvenient for you... you should consider that no one working at the polling places (for the Board of Elections) is permitted to leave until it's all done, the machines are broke down, the paper AND magnetic tape is al accounted for. People this weekend waited 3-5 hours to vote early. I just hope that at 7:30pm tomorrow there isn't too long of a queu. Usually there is no one around by that time. Occaisionally there will be one or two F#CKERS who show up after that time. I hate them. You've had ALL g0dd@mned day to show up. You are too late. You've had 4 yrs to arrange to be in the polling place near your home during a 13 hour window (or vote absentee).

So don't be one of them.

And don't be an arsehole to the pollworkers. They are not employees of the BOE. They might snap and then you'll have to explain to all your homeys how you got beat down by an elderly woman and her walker.

Now lets all have fun.


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