Tuesday, August 17, 2004

OK, who among you find it strange that the Mecklenburg County Health Department is infested with rats? I dunno, I'd be pretty pissed off if my restaurant was closed by the Health Department when they force their employees to work in a rodent infested building. My favorite quote from Health Department staff, weeks after I moved into this farkatke building I reported that squirrels were running overhead (in the dropped ceiling). This yielded: "Welcome to the Hal Marshall Center."

Sadly if you complain too much they fall back on threatening us with the inevitable move to the Freedom Mall. The FM is totally ghetto. I mean the "Hal" is bad.(We had a car jacking on 7/29). But the FM really sucks. Let's compare...
Freedom Mall 2002 CMPD District A-3
Homicides 3
Rapes 27
Robberies 305
Aggravated Assaults 426
Burglaries 1302
Larcenies 2216
Auto Thefts 554
Arsons 45

Hal Marshall Center 2002 CMPD District D-1
Homicides 3
Rapes 19
Robberies 153
Aggravated Assaults 173
Burglaries 339
Larcenies 2079
Auto Thefts 257
Arsons 5
*source Mecklenburg County Address Information Center.
I don't know how much has changed since 2002 when the above statistics were tabulated?
So, I'm just as likely to get killed, but way more likely to get raped, ripped off or burnt up in the Freedom Mall.


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