Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Banh Mi

Note: Don't drink crazy asian beverages.

I just had two interesting sandwiches. (I think) the name of the place I went is 'Thanh Huong.' Anyway for $2.75 each, I got 1 Shredded Pork, and one "Tuna." The Shredded Pork was good, I'd had that before. They slice up some raw jalapeño (or jalapeño sized) chili, cilantro, other crunchy vegetables, some pork, and what looks like rice noodles. The "Tuna" was not in fact, "Tuna" but sardine or pilchard. It was still ok, I wasn't expecting sushi. Whatever reddish sauce they were in made the bread kinda soggy.
In any event, try it. You'll like it.


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