Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the blots news

Ok folks thanks for standing by. We've had another lineup change. Bassist Henry Gordon, who had been with us since Frocky Jack expired and The Blots began has called it quits. Henry and his wife Jessica had a life changing event last year and are trying to raise the li'l crumb-snatcher and maintain a little family familiarity. We wish them all the best of luck.
Filling out the big bottom in The Blots now will be Mike Scarlata. It is ironic that since Mike and drummer John Ehlers both played together in Neglected Sheep about the same time Eric Cook and I were playing in Frocky Jack. Even odder that they are about the only band in Charlotte of our 'genre' that we never were with on the same bill.
Next Show: April 15 2006 SKNET CAFE with (tentatively) Rutkus, Tax Slaves.


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