Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I've had enough

How about you?, an organization I respect, sent me a petition to ask president bush to stop "blaming the victims" and get down to helping them. Well...come on people. He does not care. His white ass aint running for office again. But I didn't want to NOT sign the petition. So my personal comments (that they instruct you to enter) are in bold below.

TO: President Bush
SUBJECT: Stop Blaming the Victims, Help Them

Dear President Bush,

Actually I don't think you are capable of caring for any of these unfortunate souls. Please resign your office.

In the immediate days after Katrina, we saw the best of America as millions of people stepped forward to offer help. Meanwhile, your administration failed at its most important job: keeping America safe. The federal effort was too little, too late and the fact that you would blame state and local officials after they had begged for help is appalling.

You must stop blaming the vicitms and get to work helping them.


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