Thursday, June 09, 2005

SunCom Sucks Donkey

After repeated attempts to use the piss poor patchwork of half-assed customer service at my wireless company I left the following passive-aggressive message at their online comments:

I find it interesting that I get bills from Suncom, you leave me voice mails on my phone but when I try to logon (register) as a SunCom customer to pay my bill it says I am not your customer. When I call the phone # on my SUNCOM bill I get in contact with the Cingular person who cannot assist me because I am a SUNCOM customer.
#1. you have my last name spelled incorrectly. It's [DOOMBILLY] just like it was spelled when you took my account over from Cingular/ATT.
#2. 90% of the time I cannot connect to anyone on my SunCom cell phone from my home address. I can connect on Alltel, Sprint, Verizon, and Nextel on much crappier phone models than my motorolla v600. How about spending LESS money hiring Harry Connick Jr to tell me how friggin' great you are -and MORE money actually doing something about the pathetic tower network you have? I tried to call the # left on my cell you left in regards to my bill; HOWEVER after 30 minutes of NO SERVICE being displayed on my phone I decided, you probably didn't need the money.
Please have someone contact me on my BellSouth land line at 704-xxx-xxxx since neither your online site or your phone system seem to be working AND the numbers you provide in your billing go to helpless individuals at Cingular.


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