Thursday, September 09, 2004

Colin Powell pulls his head out of his ass momentarily

I guess he figured he's toast after November either way. He might as well work on his legacy. Maybe if he works real hard one of his testacles will reappear? Oh well, I hope someone is listening...

At last, the US administration is on the record declaring the situation in Sudan a genocide.

Colin Powell testified this morning to the Senate on the subject of Sudan. He declared that a lengthy study by the State Department has determined the Sudanese government is carrying out "genocide" against its black African population.

Powell cited a "consistent and widespread" pattern of human rights atrocities, including killing and rape. Thousands of Sudanese blacks have also been abducted into slavery.

Powell's testimony adds new energy to our rally this Sunday at the UN. Now more than ever, international leaders need to be pressured to act immediately to stop the genocide.

That's why we are mobilizing hundreds of people to come out to the UN at 2 p.m. on Sunday. We have buses coming in from upstate New York, Toronto, Washington, and Philadelphia. Together, we are going to send a message to world leaders that the time for action is now. People of conscience will not be silent.

I want to encourage you once again to come out to the rally on Sunday. Bring friends and family. And bring signs with you. Stand in solidarity with the Sudanese community.

Every day, our office is receiving new requests for buses, and we need to ramp up our efforts to attract media attention. You have already responded with remarkable enthusiasm, helping us raise over $6,500. Our coalition partners have provided several thousand more dollars to help with transportation and mobilization.

But as costs for the rally continue to mount, I am turning to you one last time with an emergency request to help us raise $1,200 by Sunday. If you haven't given already, please make a contribution now. If you have given, forward this message to friends and family. Together, we can send a message around the world that we will not sit by silently.

iAbolish -- Web Portal of the American Anti-Slavery Group


At 5:09 PM, Blogger BlondeSense Liz said...

can you email me more info on the rally at the UN?


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